In-Home Caregiver Services for Alzheimer and Dementia Care Patients

Cognitive-therapuetics-dementia-in-home-careFor clients who also need assistance with daily living, Cognitive Therapeutics trains Home Care Assistance caregivers in selected interventions from the Cognitive Therapeutics Method so they can administer one-on-one cognitive activities with clients in addition to providing basic assistance with activities of daily living.

Home Care with CTM

  • Home Care Assistance caregivers can promote mental stimulation through CTM activities in addition to providing basic home care, including cooking, light housekeeping, driving, bathing, dressing, etc.
  • Engagement with CTM activities provides an opportunity for clients and caregivers to strengthen their relationships.

CTM Cognitive Activities

  • Clients who do not need assistance with activities of daily living can still receive CTM services in their homes from our trained specialists.
  • This program encompasses a wider variety of activities, addressing not only cognition, but also coping strategies, sensory engagement, social skills, recreation, exercise and diet.
  • We build a weekly routine with hours typically ranging from 3 to 10 hours per week, depending on client needs.

Keep your loved ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia home instead.

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